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satchel bag

When did satchels first become fashionable? The satchel bag did not become fashionable until the early seventeenth century. Satchel bags were typically finished in full leather, making them a fashionable addition with practicality and comfort.
From the Romans to Leather School Bags to the High Street, the history of the leather satchel is fascinating. The leather satchel has been used to transport items for generations — it even appears in Roman times under the name Loculus, which means ‘small place’ in Latin.
Around 1340, Middle English sachel was documented, deriving from Old French sachel, which was derived from Late Latin saccellum (“money bag, purse”), a diminutive of Latin sacculus, which was itself a diminutive of saccus (“bag”).
Leather satchels come in a variety of sizes and colours, including Classic (most popular) and Limited Edition (once they’re gone, they’re gone) options. Say welcome to a satchel bag with a modern twist, a women’s shoulder bag with a twist.

Discover the latest goods in our range of women’s bags. The Satchel is the foundation of the luxury bags. it’s in the name! It was our first ever product, and it was fittingly inspired by traditional leather school bags from the past. In other words, it’s not only fashionable, but also functional and long-lasting. A stylish purse with a long and illustrious history.

Our inspiration comes from all everywhere, and it’s based on the delight of chance encounters. Every one of our bags, like the Satchel, has a unique tale to tell. These are bags that should never have been forgotten, emblems of a period when taste beat fashion and craftsmanship was everything. Beautiful patterns from the past, lovingly found and updated for today’s needs.

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